Managed images
We maintain a number of images with pre-installed libraries, such as nvidia drivers for deep learning, anaconda, and other common tools. For now, the recommended image is ubuntu18-latest-drivers. The image can be set in the image field in your nimbo-config.yml. You can find a list of managed images below.
However, if you have another image you want to use (either a private custom image or another public image), you can just set the image field to the AMI code of your choice and Nimbo will use that.
We strongly recommend using our managed images, as we cannot guarantee the jobs will run as intended on other images.


This image comes pre-installed with:
  • nvidia drivers 460.32.03
  • cuda 11.2 and cudnn 8.0
  • awscli
  • miniconda v4.9.2
  • build-essentials and linux-header
  • texlive
Note: even though this image has cuda and cudnn installed preinstalled in the system, we still strongly recommend that you install any deep learning libraries through conda instead of pip, as that will guarantee that any different cuda/cudnn dependencies are correctly installed and linked.
This image is built on top of the barebones Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Bionic distribution provided by Canonical.
Last modified 7mo ago
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